7 Reason To Book Your Nepal Adventure Trip With Us

Godiyals first and foremost, is dedicated to ensuring the safety as well as the exhilaration of their customers. Whether they are ice climbing, hiking, mountain climbing, or participating in a course, with Godiyals, clients are guaranteed to have the adventure of a lifetime. Their experienced team is committed to cultivating the best expeditions, while also painstakingly adhering to safety protocols. When you trust in Godiyals for your trekking endeavors, you can rest assured that you are climbing with a group of experienced and skilled guides.

At Godiyals, we work hard in cultivating relationships with each client, personalizing the experience to suit their specific needs. They frequently welcome repeat customers from all over the globe because of this meticulous planning and accommodation. They want to make the most of your time in Nepal, whether it is spent enjoying the views from some of the smaller mountains, exploring the local villages or even climbing the ever-impressive Everest. Each trek is a fun and friendly exploration of the breathtaking scenery.

It’s important to make the right decision when picking an adventure company for your expedition. Trust your adventure experience with the experts at Godiyals.

Why Choose Us For Your Nepal Trek

Local Tours Operator

Creating a unique experience helps the individual have the best adventure possible. Since everyone has different goals for their trip, Godiyals works directly with the client to create unique travel experiences. Additionally, the climbers and guides are local Sherpas, which mean clients can be assured that they will be taken to the best summits, camps, and villages on the safest route possible. They are trained for survival in this extreme environment.


Safety is the top concern at Godiyals because trekking expeditions can be unnecessarily difficult and possibly dangerous without the right procedures in place. They stay up-to-date on all safety protocols to ensure each client is secure in their climbing adventures. Emergency services are available in the case of an accident or illness, and the clients must provide proof of insurance before the trip. The helpful staff will even take care of any paperwork.

Expert Guides

Godiyals’s guides are experts in their field. These skilled Sherpas are locals who have been assimilated to the high altitudes of the mountains from birth, as their families have been living in the area for generations. They have a deep understanding of the trekking routes, the villages, and local culture in addition to possessing high-altitude survival skills. This dedicated team prides themselves in the friendly service they provide.

Ultimate Value

Godiyals provides the best value for your adventure tours. To optimize personalization, the staff at Godiyals provides a unique plan depending on the individual’s desires. These options mean that clients can get the adventure they want for a price they can afford. In addition, their staff of Sherpa guides is truly priceless. Trekkers can trust that their trips will be guided by a team who are well-trained and immensely familiar with the mountainous surroundings.

Detailed Service

Godiyals differentiates itself from other companies because they strive to provide excellent service during the entire expedition process. They personalize their services based on the preferences of each individual to make sure that they get the adventure they desire.

Continued Excellence

The Godiyals’s team delights in the fact that they have many repeat clients from all over the world. These relationships, with both new clients and experienced adventurers alike, are of the utmost importance to them. Godiyals wants clients to feel as though they are meeting up with old, trusted friends for new and exciting adventures.


Like any other expedition company, the prices for the expeditions are based on the complete trip. Luckily, although Godiyals is known to take their clients to the utmost wild and breathtaking vistas, their prices are anything but extreme. Their superior services include mountain excursions, camp services, and designated routes. For more detailed and specialized information, feel free to contact them. Godiyals prides itself in taking adventurers to new heights, without breaking the bank.

The experts at Godiyals look forward to taking you on the expedition you’ve always dreamed of.

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