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Top 7 Secrets Of Happy Relationship That Actually Work

Finding balance and harmony in your relationship can be a tricky thing. Understanding the delicate nature of relationships and combining two individual fabrics to create something united and beautiful is difficult even for the experts. That said, there are practical, everyday tips that can help you and your partner get there.

If you’re committed to improving your relationship, and don’t know where to start, these 7 relationship secrets are a great place to start for anyone looking to improve their relationship. More importantly, these are relationship secrets that work.

1. Maintain Your Individual Sense of Self

Becoming too uniform in a relationship can undoubtedly cause problems. When you merge yourself so much with your partner that you lose your authentic self-image, your relationship can take a fast dive into dysfunction. You can vastly improve the health of your relationship, simply by creating some separation from your partner and allowing them (and yourself) space to do things you love without doing them together.


2. Have Open, Honest Communication

It’s not unheard of that communication can make or break a relationship, but what should you strive for with your communication? The most crucial parts of maintaining healthy communication in your relationship are honesty, and dialogue.

Being transparent and honest with your partner gives you an opportunity to work out any issues instead of storing them in the metaphorical relationship closet to fester. Remember not only to speak open and honestly, but to hear with an open mind as well. Whether or not it’s easy, good communication is one of the best relationship secrets that work, and shouldn’t be underestimated.


3. Be a Champion for Your Partner’s Success

You’ve probably heard of partners being each-others “muse”, but how and why does that dynamic work? Inspiring your partner, and rooting for their success is a huge part of staying connected with them.

The further each of you get in your own personal growth and development, the further you are able to go as a couple. Toxic emotions like jealousy can tear apart your relationship and leave both of you feeling empty, so stomping them out early is a great way to keep yourself in line with your relationship.


4. Remain Grateful of Their Positive Traits

Gratitude is key to working through issues in your relationship. It’s great to have future goals, but achievement should be on the sidelines when compared to genuine self-sacrificing love and appreciation of your partner’s strengths.

One of the best relationship secrets that work, staying grateful can’t be practiced enough. We all have positive and negative traits, and by truly valuing your partner’s strengths, you can make their weaknesses an afterthought


5. Find the Opportunity for Balance in their Flaws

A perspective shift is all that’s necessary to start truly embracing even the flaws in your partner’s personality. Keep in mind that any weakness of theirs serves as an opportunity for your strengths to balance the relationship. Where they are weak, and you are strong, you create harmony as a team.

Instead of letting irritation build about their flaws spend some time reflecting on your partner’s ability to bring their strength where you have fundamental weakness. When experts discuss relationship secrets that work, you’ll notice that none of them include analyzing and breaking down the flaws in your relationship.


6.  Never Stop Learning About Them

Staying curious to know and understand your partner is one of your best tools when it comes to appreciating their strengths. It’s easy to get swept up in the beginning of the relationship and assume you know it all, but the more open you remain to learning, the more you can gain when it comes to your partnership. By always asking questions and seeking understanding into why and how your partner is who they are, you can reignite your spark time and time again.


7.  Have Fun Within Your Partnership

Spontaneous decisions to have fun and do something exciting have a way of bringing out the best in your relationship. When you get too stuck in routine, your relationship can suffer. The final secret to a healthy, happy relationship is to have fun together. Having fun with your partner helps connect you two. It tells your brain to associate your relationship with fun, positive experiences, making your relationship and your will to succeed as partners far greater.

Whether you take a last minute trip somewhere exotic, or try an at-home creative project, having fun with your partner is something that you should never sacrifice. Talk about things you both love. Find common ground, and plan a date night to explore it on your calendar to make sure it happens.

No one has the perfect relationship, and every couple goes through hard times. When you piece together conscious effort over days, weeks, or years, your relationship is given the real opportunity to blossom and flourish. Start with these small steps, and use them to build bigger, more profound efforts. Using relationship secrets that work is just the beginning to creating a lifelong partnership. Start with these small steps, and use them to build bigger, more profound efforts.