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Pucker Up: Why Not Tat Your Lips?

Have you ever spent your valuable time carefully applying lip liner, lipstick and glitter gloss only to have the glitter smeared all over your drink and face by the end of the night? If you love the dramatic look of brightly colored lips, glitter and graphic lipstick, but don’t enjoy the constant maintenance such looks require, it may be time to consider temporary tattoos for your lips.

Violent Lips temporary tattoos are bright, glittery and easy to apply. Unlike permanent lipstick, which is tattooed on, these easy to use tattoos are designed to last for around twelve hours, making them a wonderful option for an evening out or a special event. When you opt for permanently tattooed makeup, you’re tied to the colors that you’ve chosen for the rest of your life. With temporary tattoos, you can change the color and style of your lips to match your mood. The tattoos take slightly longer to apply than lipstick, but provide you with a temporary and dramatic way to pump up your style for a special night out.

How The Tattoos Work

Remember the temporary tattoos you put on your arms as kids? Violent lip tattoos are applied in exactly the same manner; they just require a bit more precision. Each pack of tattoos comes with a measurement layout, so that you can trim the tattoos to match the shape and size of your lips. For an easy, perfect fit, try applying lipstick, then pressing the paper backing to your lips. You’ll have a clear, easy to see outline of the size and shape of your lips, making measuring and cutting quick and easy.

The tattoos must be applied to lips that are completely free of products such as lipstick, gloss, etc. Once you’ve trimmed them to shape, simply wet the tattoo through the paper backing, hold on your lip for the designated amount of time, then peel off the paper backing. You’ll be left with a uniquely attractive pucker that won’t smudge off, rub off or kiss off. Once you’ve applied your temporary tattoo, save the papers you used to measure so that you have the guidelines for your next tattoo application.

Pump Up Your Look with Multiple Colors and Styles

Violent tattoos are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Whether you’re looking to show your patriotism or holiday spirit, or simply want to add some bling to your makeup routine for an evening out, the company’s prepared with exactly what you need. Glitzy, glam tattoos are sure to turn some heads.

Choose from a variety of prints including flags, rainbows and clever sayings, or opt for a package from the company’s newest line, Glitterati. These funky glittery styles come in pink, red, blue, gold and silver, and are designed not to rub off. This makes wearing glitter on your lips easier than ever.
When it’s time to show your team spirit, Violent can help with that as well. They offer twelve of the hottest combinations of team colors, with discounts available for cheer teams.

Temporary Glam at an Affordable Price

Temporary lip tattoos are FDA approved.

Kiss smeared glitter gloss and lipstick goodbye when you apply a temporary tattoo instead. The brightly colored, glittery tats are also vegan, so you can stylize your pout completely guilt-free. The tattoos run from $8-12 for packs of three, making them an affordable way to add unique style to your look.

Whether you’re adding glitter for the holidays or a fun night out, showing your team spirit or flying your patriotic colors, Violent Lips tattoos are a great way to do so. Best of all, you can change them quickly and easily. Having a multitude of dramatic looks is simple, and only costs a few dollars. Add a touch of holiday spirit, or match your lips to your favorite outfit. With temporary lip tattoos, you’re only limited by your creativity.

Once you’ve tried out the variety of Violent Lips tattoos available, be sure to try out one or more of their new temporary eyeliner kits, too. The company recently launched a line of graphic temporary eyeliner kits, available in bright colors, rainbow stripes and sparkles. When you’re looking for a bright, bold look that’s sure to attract attention, opt for these easy to apply temporary tattoos.

Photo Credit: missmeng