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How Much More Do You Pay for Travel Size?

Few of us batted an eye when customs imposed a 100-ml maximum on liquids while traveling. Few of us kicked up a fuss when purchasing our travel-sized, under-100-ml containers. However, few of us realize they cost us up to 500% more than regular toiletries. This large-sized travel expense earns the toiletry industry hundreds of millions of dollars year — dollars stolen from our pockets as we quickly shell out handsome quantities of money for minuscule-sized quantities of product.

The Real Cost

To put that astronomical figure in perspective, the average travel-sized, 30ml container of deodorant is roughly $1.99, whereas a regular-sized container of deodorant of 150ml costs just over $3.50. A massive increase.

A typical 250ml shampoo (or conditioner) costs $5.50 for the average generic brand, whereas that same generic brand could cost $1.99 for 30ml. That is $0.022 per ml for a standard buy versus $0.066 per ml in a travel-sized buy — a 300% increase.

Travel-Sized Tips

The travel-sized costs are a no-win situation for consumers with the big win going to major manufacturers. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve put together some tips to save money that will have you saving big on travel toiletries. Enough to help you save up for the actual travel.

The first tip is to refill, refill, refill. If you’ve already bought into the mini-sized advertising shtick, you already have the tiny bottles so simply refill the existing units with existing toiletry products you already have in your bathroom.

If you don’t have the mini bottles yet, go to your local dollar store to buy them. Buying your small sizes at the dollar store will cut your travel-sized bill in half. Your dollar-store purchases can come in the form of dollar shampoos or dollar refillable travel kits.

Buy in bulk. Many personal care items can’t be refilled, like aerosol containers. To cut down your tiny aerosol and non-refillable bill, purchase them in larger quantities by looking for two-for-one or three-for-one deals. This works for spray deodorants, shaving cream and many other non-refillable items.

Best Tip Yet

The absolute best tip we can give you is to stay away from travel-sized containers entirely. You will probably use more than one shampoo container and more than one conditioner. You might as well ditch the travel-sized items and stick with what you already have in your bathroom. Bring your human-sized toiletries and stick them in your checked luggage instead.

Be sure to wrap them up in a bag though (whether you’re doing travel-sized or not) to avoid your travel gear ending up covered in conditioner.

In summary, forget travel-sized products whenever possible, and put normal-sized toiletries in your suitcase instead of carry on. Buy in bulk for the items that you need to buy in travel size, leveraging two-for-one deals — then refill them now that you’ve got little bottles lying around.

We wish you happy travel-sized toiletry-infused travels!