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Fill ‘er Up! Top Food Challenges Around the World

Think you have what it takes to eat a five-pound burger in 30 minutes? How about an inferno bowl of soup? Take a gander at the most incredible food challenges offered at restaurants and events around the world to see if you’re up for the challenge.

Put on your eating shoes cause it’s gonna be a filling ride.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest – New York, New York

The annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is arguably one of the most iconic world-wide eating challenges. Held over the 4th of July holiday on Coney Island, the contest draws contestants from the world. A few walk away with stomach-filling glory while most leave in regurgitating shame.

Frank’s Texas BBQ Grill Steak Challenge – Daasi, Taiwan

“Steak” your claim on a monster meat-eating challenge.

A Texan steak challenge in Taiwan? The combo may seem odd, but the annual steak eating contest at Frank’s Texas BBQ is a major draw for locals and travelers alike. Chow down on a salad, steak, sides and dessert as quickly as possible and you could be claiming the glory in this food challenge.

Chompie’s Ultimate Slider Challenge – Arizona

Eat this, and then about 4.75 pounds more, to win the Chompie’s Challenge.

Chomp down on the competition at Chompie’s Ultimate Slider Challenge in Arizona. Featured on the popular television show Man v. Food, the Chompie’s challenge features five pounds of the restaurant’s famous Jewish Sliders along with a slew of onion strings. Dive in quickly because you only have 30 minutes to consume the gut-busting feast. Eat it all and receive a free t-shirt, your photo on the wall of fame, a free meal, and, of course, serious bragging rights.

The Broken Yolk Café Omelet Challenge – San Diego, California

Start cracking eggs, cause you have a lot of practicing to do.

Craving a serious weekend breakfast? Indulge in the breakfast eating challenge of a 12-egg omelet with home fries and biscuits at the Broken Yolk Café in San Diego, California. If you finish the massive meal in one hour, your meal is free and your name goes on the hall of fame plaque.

West End Tavern Wing King Challenge – Boulder, Colorado

You’re going to have to eat a lot more wings than this to win a wing-eating challenge!

Enjoy the finger-lickin’ goodness of the West End Tavern Wing King Challenge in Boulder, Colorado. Devour 50 wings in 30 minutes and receive your meal for free along with your photo posted on the online wall of fame.

Eagle’s Deli & Restaurant Eagle’s Challenge – Boston, Massachusetts

Challenge your gut to a massive burger eating competition.

If you’re itchin’ for a good burger challenge, you’re sure to find it at Eagle’s Deli and Restaurant near Boston. Actually, you’ll find five burger challenges here. The top burger challenge at Eagle’s Deli and Restaurant features a five-pound burger complete with sides and a drink.

Nitally’s ThaiMex Cuisine The Inferno Bowl Challenge – St. Petersburg, Florida

Have a taste for heat? How about the The Inferno Bowl Challenge at Nitally’s ThaiMex Cuisine in St. Petersburg, Florida? Considered by many as the ultimate food challenge, with its massive size and intense heat, the soup features 12 intensely hot peppers from around the world. An ever-growing jackpot prize is available to the willing contestant who successfully completes the challenge.

Pig N’ Chik – Sherwood, Arkansas

The Sarge Burger challenge at Pig N’ Chik is named after the only contestant to ever finish the meal. With a four-pound hamburger, a one-pound bun and all the fixings, it’s no wonder why so few have emerged victoriously from this challenge. Think you have the stomach to win? Finish the meal in under 30 minutes and it’s free.

Kenny and Ziggy’s Delicatessen – Houston, Texas

Have a hard time choosing between sandwich meats while eating out? Resolve the dilemma by enjoying them all on one enormous sandwich at Kenny and Ziggy’s Delicatessen. The Zellagabetsky features corned beef, pastrami, roast turkey and other meats and fixin’s all crammed between several bread slices in a towering sandwich. Finish the four-pound sandwich (no time limit) and enjoy the meal for free along with a piece of cheesecake, if you can eat it.

Port Royal Grille – Islip, New York

Are you a seafood fan? Get your fill with the Davy Jones Locker Challenge at Port Royal Grille. Finish the smorgasbord of seafood and sides in one hour and receive the meal for free, a hall of fame photo and a restaurant t-shirt.

From sky-high burgers to oven-wide pizzas, the monetary rewards for restaurant eating challenges are modest, but the bragging rights are huge.

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