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Top 6 Ugliest Holiday Sweaters of All Time

Ugly sweaters are quickly becoming the rage for holiday parties, sprouting themed office hijinks, eBay stores and more. The general idea is that party guests or contest participants pick out the most hideous holiday sweater they can find in an effort to win the prize for the very worst sweater in attendance. Sometimes prizes are awarded, otherwise, the honor of winning first place is all guests need to feel adored.

Party goers can spend hundreds of dollars picking out the best sweater to attend this type of party, but many of us may be able to find what we’re looking for in our own closets. Dust off that knitted monstrosity that’s been hanging in the back since 2010. You may just be able to pair it with jeans and have the perfect outfit for your next holiday gala!

Here are our favorite ugly sweaters. Wear something similar this holiday season at your own risk!

Number 6: Telling it Like it Is
Instead of lumps of coal, naughty (or hard to buy for) adults tend to get holiday sweaters from far flung friends and relatives. This sweater mocks that trend, while showcasing the ugly qualities that holiday sweaters are best known for. While it may not win the office ugly sweater contest, it’s sure to let everyone know just how you feel about the holidays, themed clothing and ugly sweaters in general.

We’d rather have our two front teeth. At least we want those for Christmas.

Number 5: The Famous Holiday Sweater
Colin Firth traded away his dignity the day he agreed to wear this hideous reindeer sweater on camera. He’ll forever be remembered as wearing one of the ugliest sweaters of all time; we just hope he was paid well for the experience. Unfortunately, not even Mr. Firth can make this monstrosity look classy. This is holiday overkill at its garish best.

On Dasher, on Dancer…

Number 4: Santa Baby…
Santa baby, slip a sweater under the tree. Just not one that looks like this. This sweater allows the wearer to show off their Christmas spirit with a huge Santa, jingle bells, tinsel and more. It’s just what we all need this holiday season.


Number 3: Let it Snow, Let it Snow
Snoop Dogg (our apologies, Snoop Lion) wore this sweater with pride in 2010, releasing the photo on his official Twitter feed. All we can do is pray that he was attending an ugly sweater party. Snowmen aren’t exactly his style. However, he rocks this look with festive pride, showing us that he knows how to have a good time.

Number 2: Santa Claus is Coming to Town
This ugly sweater takes second prize, featuring Santa bicycling away on a garish blue background. This knitted holiday piece shows us that you don’t have to opt for red and green to be festively tacky. How can you possibly go wrong wearing this to your next company dinner? We can certainly think of a few ways…

This sweater brings new meaning to the words “Blue Christmas.”

Number 1: The Winner, Hands Down
A holiday sweater that lights up, flashes and plays “The Funky Chicken?” What can go wrong? While we suspect that this sweater was designed with “Ugly Sweater” holiday parties in mind, that fact doesn’t change how truly grotesque it is. This one of a kind beauty is available on eBay, making it a limited edition item. Thank goodness. You’ll be sure to make an impression if you choose this as an option this holiday season. We just can’t tell you it’ll be a good one.

If you can’t find one of these lovelies at a store near you, try checking out your favorite thrift store for an ugly holiday sweater, then dressing it up with pompoms, holiday lights, silk flowers or bells. If you’re not the crafty type, there are also a variety of ugly holiday sweaters available on eBay. The sweaters vary widely in price, so you may want to get started early. Either create your own sweater or begin bidding on one now, so that you’ll be prepared for holiday parties.

Remember folks, we only recommend purchasing one of the above sweaters if you’ll be competing in an ugly sweater contest. Otherwise, please don’t consider these viable options for holiday apparel (unless you enjoy people cackling as you walk by).