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Eyelash Extensions: Are They Worth It?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent enhancements that are installed by a salon professional. The extensions add fullness, thickness and length to eyelashes. While they originated in Korea, they are growing in popularity in the United States. There are both pros and cons to having eyelash extensions attached. You instantly and painlessly gain long, lush lashes, but what are the drawbacks?

Before you visit a salon to have eyelash extensions attached, do your research. Check around to see what salons in your area can put the extensions on for you. Be sure to ask your friends for recommendations. Word of mouth is often the best way to find a new stylist. Ask about salons to visit, as well as salons to avoid, so that you can get a decent idea of the best salon in your area to have the extensions done.

Eyelash extensions are a more permanent alternative to temporary synthetic eyelashes. While temporary false lashes cannot be worn for more than one day and cannot be worn while showering, extensions can last until the eyelashes they’re attached to fall out naturally. The extensions are applied with a much stronger adhesive, and can be worn during all day to day activities. This makes them an excellent option for women who want the look of longer, more dramatic eyelashes, but don’t want to glue on false eyelashes every day.

While the glue that eyelash extensions are applied with is supposed to keep them attached until the eyelash falls out on its own, they may fall out early if you use the wrong kind of eye makeup remover or fail to care for them properly, so be sure to ask your cosmetician about how to care for the extensions. Your technician will be able to give you some excellent advice about beauty products to use, how to care for your new extensions and more.

Pros of Eyelash Extensions

If you opt for eyelash extensions, you’re making an investment in a stripped down beauty routine. You’ll have long, beautiful eyelashes without the hassle of curling and applying mascara or gluing on false eyelashes. Eyelash extensions require little to no daily maintenance, making them an excellent option for busy professionals. Instead of spending your limited time on your eyelashes, you can add some eye shadow, powder and lip gloss then head off to your next appointment.

Cons of Eyelash Extensions

On the other hand, eyelash extensions can be quite expensive, running anywhere from $100-500 in the US. They’ll need to be refilled every two to four weeks (at a much lower cost). It’s similar to having your nails regularly filled in that you’ll need to budget both time and money to maintain the extensions.

After having the extensions applied, you’ll need to be very careful for the first week so that you don’t damage the bond between the extension and your eyelash. This means that you can’t rub your eyes, you can’t use certain kinds of makeup and you can’t scrub when you remove your eye makeup. After a few days, you’ll be able to treat your eyes more normally, but you should still use eye makeup and removal products recommended by your stylist.

Avoid using an eyelash curler on extensions, as it will damage the fibers.

Once you’ve had eyelash extensions applied, you should avoid using an eyelash curler, as the crimping action can break or damage the synthetic eyelashes. You’ll also have to pick out an eye makeup remover that is oil-free, as the oils in traditional removers can damage the glue used to apply the extensions.

If you have any allergies to adhesives, it may not be wise to have eyelash extensions applied. An allergic reaction to the adhesive used by the salon could cause serious problems with your eyes or even impact your sight.

Eyelash extensions are an excellent, although pricey, way to enhance the appearance of your eyes. If your natural eyelashes are sparse, you regularly need to wear heavy makeup or you just like the look of long, dramatic eyelashes, they may be right for you. The extensions must be applied by a licensed cosmetician, one lash at a time. Once you’ve made your appointment, be sure to allow at least two hours to have your extensions installed. Once you’ve decided this is the look for you, be prepared for monthly maintenance.