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5 Style Secrets from Around the World

When it comes to beauty, think global. Women from around the world share their favorite fashion tips from color-matching bright prints in India to the “egyo”-infused trends in South Korea.

Indian Tribal

Tribal inspiration is your fashion destination this fall. Lively prints, earthy colors and glamorous skins are everywhere. A delicate shell necklace paired with a soft tassel bag provides a pleasing accent to gorgeous ikat prints and beads. Whether it’s designed from ostrich, python or crocodile, a tropical-skinned tote bag can transport this trend to a more formal work setting. Cut-out leather sandals are a perfect idea no matter how formal the corporate dress code. How about bright ocean blue paired with mystic sun yellow? You can go all out in mixing and matching colors, though a monochrome print may be a better choice for work.

Korean Winsome

Derived from the Chinese characters love and beautiful, the Korean word aegyo translates closely to the English term winsome. This winsome look comes from a combination of midi skirts, a mix of neutral colors and trendy satchels infused with an elegant touch of pink. Not too short and not too long, midi skirts are just the right length to accentuate without offending. Neutral colors are a natural for the fall but you can liven this up with the youthful look of bright pink or ruby red painted nails. Satchels of all colors are very popular and inherently practical. Whether you go for flashy neon or elegant pink, they are a wonderful way to energize an otherwise staid outfit. Accessories like these don’t cost a lot either; proof positive that you can have a stylish wardrobe by spending less.

French Chic

From fine vintage wine to fashion style finesse, the French seem to have it all. Traditionally conservative during daytime work, the French chic style turns alluringly feminine in the evening. The key is an everyday style that relies on neutral colors accentuated with bold accessories like a deep purple handbag or ruby red lipstick. French women have learned that the trick is to highlight your best features by dressing according to your body shape. An elegant necklace or pair of stunning earrings is the perfect complement to someone with a pretty face. Likewise, curvaceous women benefit from wearing a flawlessly fitting high-waisted skirt.

Italian Fashionista

Intrigue, mystery, femininity and elegance all describe the essence of Italian women’s fashion. Jeans, a tank top and heels by day and black pencil skirts with a leather jacket by night. The look tells the story. Well-fitting and shapely items that accentuate a woman’s silhouette are essential to an authentic Italian style.

American Flair

American women are falling back in love with the peacoat. Dark colors and big collars are the order of the day for the “new parka.” Fall wardrobes traditionally feature autumn colors, and this year wine colors like burgundy red are getting added to the mix. The coordinating peplum appears to be a girl’s best friend. What was a big trend in the spring is staying strong this fall. Practical yet pretty, a mix of sporty and ladylike is what many consider a definitive American trend.