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10 Secret Beauty Tips From Women Around the World

If you’re envious of the exotic beauty currently gracing world runways, prime examples beig Adriana Lima and Alek Wek, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the top 7 secret beauty tips from around the world to help women get the alluring look of exotic glamour.

Secret Tip #1: Neat Nails from France
France is the country that gave the world the French manicure—but their nail fetish doesn’t stop there. French women, when manicuring at home, soak their fingers in warm water with lemon juice to erase the yellow tinge that occurs from constant polish and the lack of oxygen it causes.

Secret Tip #2: Perfect Pore Shrinking from Costa Rica
If you’ve ever envied the beautiful skin found in Latin countries like Costa Rica, then this tip is for you. To temporarily shrink your pores, mix equal parts of orange juice and water, then apply the mixture all over the face with a cotton ball. After a few minutes rinse off the mixture and enjoy the younger, tighter look of smaller pores.

Secret Tip #3: Heavenly Hair from the Ivory Coast
Shea butter may not be very secretive any more as a skin softener, but did you know that African women on the ivory coasts also use it to soften their hair? When applied thickly to the hair as a hydrating mask or a small amount as a leave-in conditioner, it leaves the hair like silk (and costs a fraction of the cost of expensive salon silkeners).

Secret Tip #4: Exotic Eyes from India
Egyptian-esque cat eyes have been all the rage, but for an exotic twist turn to India for their mysterious kohl-lined eyes. By creating a homemade mixture of ashes and oil (almond butter works well) you can rim your eyes like the exotic Indian beauties gracing Bollywood stages.

Secret Tip #5: Anti-Aging from China
Chinese women have been cleaning their faces with antioxidant-rich rice water for centuries to prevent the tell-tale signs of aging in the skin. For this cheap-yet-effective treatment, simply soak Chinese rice in water for 20 minutes, apply the water to a damp cloth, then apply to the face. Do this once a week to keep your skin looking young and vibrant.

Secret Tip #6: Handsome Hair from Turkey
To tame their luscious locks, Turkish women brighten up their hair by rinsing it with daisy water. Boil a cup of daisies in two cups of water then pour the cooled water over your hair. The mixture will act as a natural highlight booster and give you light volume.

Secret Tip #7: Super Skin Care from Japan
Japan is well know for their drinking of sake—but we bet you didn’t know they sometimes bathe in it! Japanese women have been soaking in sake for years to exfoliate the skin and to lighten age spots, dark spots and other skin discolorations.

Secret Tip #8: Hand Care from Greece
Greeks have known for centuries that the best cure for dry hands is to simply rub a lemon-peel pith on them. It will sting any nicks and cuts, but the dry and cracked nature of the hands will fade away immediately.

Secret Tip #9: Sensational Skin from France
French manicures aren’t the only French beauty contribution. You can also steal their beauty tip of spritzing floral water on the skin in the morning to revitalize skin.

Secret Tip #10: Cellulite Cure from Brazil
The Brazilians have some of the best beach bodies on the planet, and they keep themselves in swimsuit-shape by using sand to exfoliate their skin and smooth away cellulite (OK — it might not be a cure, but it does work temporarily!).