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Beyonce vs. Batman: How Celebs REALLY Look Hot

Movie stars are just like you. Except when they’re not. Which is often, especially given the lengths stars must take to get a bod that not only looks good on screen but also in the countless photos snapped by über-eager paparazzi.

Sure, genetics plays a part, and a huge one for a star whose fame is only as big as their last big-budget blockbuster, but genes doesn’t alone a body make. From low-carb, high-fat fad diets to three hours of cardio a day, star-quality shape can be yours, too – with enough work, patience, and time.

To keep his abs washboard-taut, Usher follows a daily, 40-minute routine: (stretching, skipping, and jumping jacks); rounds of push-ups, leg raises, and tricep dips; 1,000 crunches; and a diet comprised of lean protein, few carbs, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Lean protein, like most chicken, is part of most non-vegetarian celebrity diets.

Gwyneth Paltrow stays in shape thanks to an almost daily practice of yoga or pilates and a diet rich in organic vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Sugar and dairy get the boot, though.

No matter the type of yoga you practice, it will help bring balance to your life and adds to any health and fitness regimen.

Madonna, like her former gal pal (or so the rumor goes), avoids junk food, builds meals around whole grains and vegetables, and has a fitness regimen that includes yoga and cycling. Add in tour rehearsals and how little rest she gets while on stage and you’ve got the makings of a body that is worth all your lovin’.

J. Lo hired a personal trainer to help lost her baby weight, as do most celebrity moms (whether they cop to it or not). Cameron Diaz surfs. Jennifer Aniston sings the praises of a week filled with yoga, running, and eating well. Jennifer Garner tricks herself into enjoying time on the treadmill and Jessica Alba has a three- or four-day a week gym habit that mixes cardio with weights.

Before filming began on The Hunger Games, Liam Hemsworth worked with a trainer five or six days a week for upward of 90 minutes doing the things you wouldn’t find in a typical gym. He threw around tires and ropes, for instance. He also ate a diet that consisted primarily of lean protein, vegetables and fruit. To get in shape before a role,Tom Cruise works with a trainer and follows a strict diet.

Beyonce stays bootylicious by adding lean protein to her diet (fish, protein shakes), running (up to 6 miles at a stretch), and dance rehearsals. As for Christian Bale’s bulked-up Batman? An incredible amount of work is needed to get the Dark Knight’s physique including intensive bodyweight and weight-training workouts. Add a healthy diet, post-workout recovery periods and discipline and fighting crime won’t be the only thing you and your body will be doing at night.