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Top 8 Tips for Saving Money on Traveling

Recently, over 20,000 people received valuable travel tips from experts by attending a travel show sponsored by the New York Times. The experts included Gateway columnist, Stephanie Rosenbloom, and a travel editor, Dan Saltzstein, both from the New York Times. In addition, travel guide authors, Pauline Frommer and her father, Arthur, were on hand to provide their expertise. The information will provide you some money saving tips for traveling.

  • Booking.com, Hipmunk.com and Hotelpower.com often provide lower-rate rooms than the mega sites such as Expedia.com or Orbitz.com. These sites even deliver a number of ideal of family mom and pop establishments for accommodations. At Tingo.com, when a traveler books a room and the price decreases, Tingo will issue the difference as a refund. Pauline Frommer recommends Tingo also for luxury accommodations. However, she says they do not always offer the lowest prices on budget accommodations.


  1. Travelers need to register for loyalty programs at hotels. Programs such as these are free and can provide a number of bargains. Pauline says that room upgrades and free Wi-Fi are just two examples of these bargains. Hotels such as the Hilton and Starwood allow travelers to use travel points and cash together, so travelers may only pay $50 in cash along with their points to receive a $300 room.


  1. Smartphones and tablets also are valuable tools to save money today when traveling according to Pauline Frommer. She goes on to explain that hotels will alert people to new bargains as soon as the bargains become available.


  1. HomeAway’s Luxury Rentals site is helpful when groups are traveling together according to Stephanie Rosenbloom. Whether the travelers are attending a family reunion or just friends exploring a particular location, they can find even a luxury villa through this site at affordable prices. At times, even housekeeping service is part of the deal.


  1. Travelers using Airnb could try to negotiate the price down if the rates are not within their budget. While the site does not encourage this practice, there are not any rules against the practice according to Dan Saltzstein. He goes on to explain that negotiating will not work with establishments owned by management firms or companies. However, at other places the travelers may negotiate a $50 daily discount on a room rate for one example.


  1. Hostels are ideal for saving money when traveling through Europe. These used to be considered youth hostels, but no more according to Arther Frommer. Middle-aged travelers today are turning the new private-room hostels that only charge $35 to $40 per day.


  1. Travelers need to learn how far ahead and when to book airline flights to ensure the lowest rates. Pauline Frommer explains that Airlines Reporting Corporation states that travelers need to reserve flights at least 57 days ahead with domestic and 171 days ahead for international flights and Sunday is the ideal day at present for receiving the best rates.


  1. Trip planners need to register for consumer-site, email alerts for flight discounts. Rosenbloom recommends AirfareWatchdog.


A traveler will discover other ways to save money traveling besides the ones listed here. However, these tips are some of the best ways to travel at reasonable prices to provide a traveler a jump start on bargains for his or her trip.