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Top 8 Truly Golden Retirement Spots

The day after your last day working 9-5 may be the first day of the rest of your life, but have you decided where to spend your golden years? Want a warm climate, or a place that’s close to your kids and grandkids? Maybe you are or will be the type of retiree who will get out the map and put your finger down on it, anywhere. We’ve done that and then some as we’ve rounded up eight truly golden retirement spots in the United States.

Portland, Oregon

Forget Portlandia, though the show often gets the city right. Get the benefits of a big city while enjoying a small town-esque community environment. A thriving arts scene, literary community and performing groups may be a plus for you, as should be the proximity to the 101 and stunning coastal route.

San Diego, California

A coastal community, wide open beaches and enough things to do to fill anyone’s bucket list, it’s San Diego. Just like other cities in California, it has something for everyone. Palm trees. Sunshine. And a short drive to Tijuana, if you’ve always wanted to see Mexico.

Columbia, South Carolina

Affordable homes is only one reason why this east coast American town may be the best retirement spot for you. The city borders the Congaree River, and offers several parks and trails (for the outdoor lovers). Retirees in South Carolina can benefit from several tax credits, including income, property tax and partial-year benefits. There are four hospitals in the city, so health care is accessible and affordable (the hospitals accept Medicaid and Medicare).

Port Charlotte, Florida

Maybe retiring in Florida is a bit cliché, but something must be said about retiring to the Sunshine State. Homes in Port Charlotte have median prices hovering around $175,000, and the state doesn’t have a state income tax. If you’ve always wanted to live near water, you can have your pick of housing that features canals, lakes and/or harbor fronts. Several hospitals call Port Charlotte home, and the arts community has been growing in this region.

Denver, Colorado

You’ll have to love winter, or learn to love it, in the Mile High City. Housing developments are on the rise in suburban areas and in historic districts, the city is one of the largest in the country and high quality but affordable health care is accessible.

Asheville, North Carolina

You’ve dreamt about retiring to a waterfront community, but maybe don’t think there will be enough to do. Why not choose a place where a short drive can bring you to the sandy beaches of Charleston, South Carolina or to Savannah, Georgia? Excellent medical care, a thriving arts scene (yearly festivals, concerts and theater groups, among other things) and a bevy of places to explore.

Tucson, Arizona

Boasting an average 350 days of sunshine a year (feel free to re-read that), Tucson has more than two dozen golf courses designed by professional golfers, is surrounded by four mountain ranges, is a short drive from historic mining towns and archaeological sites and places to flee when summer temperatures soar into the 100s.

Anaheim, California

Sunshine, bustling retirement communities, close to Los Angeles (which could be good or bad, depending on you) and high-quality health care are big draws here. Sports enthusiasts get the Angels of Anaheim (2002 World Series champs, though you probably knew that) and the 2007 Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks.

No matter where you go, you’ll get where you’ve meant to go. However, what you do when you get there depends entirely on your choice. Retire in style and enjoy your best years. You’re still in the game. Start a new chapter, begin a new adventure, settle down and learn a different way to live.